R.I.E Music

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Rapper, Writer & Entertainer.

John Doe


R.I.E is a profound Rap artist. Writing, performing, recording and passion is what separates this artist from the rest. He is definitely a lyricist with a broad mind, connecting with all of your emotions. Based in South Africa and wanting to move to the USA.

Jane Helf


The goal is to bring back the story telling and emotion expressing style of rap while simultaneously keeping a fast pace and a killer flow. He is also a fan of Dubstep beats as well as Trap and Old School beats too. The variety of music to choose from is massive and it is only going to grow as he gets more fame and works with other artists.

Joshua Insanus

Album & Mixtape

The album Rap In Evolution entails him portraying Rap as a stolen genre of music which he steals back and brings back to life. Bloodlust is a Mixtape that R.I.E compiled to prove that he can compete with other big artists in the industry, the tape was not taken very seriously and was created purely for promotion and to have a good time and for your enjoyment as well. He has said he will continue to make a Bloodlust every year using the hottest tracks of the year, in the public's opinion.

Say Whatsup